Linking Your RuPay Credit Card with UPI for Seamless Payments

Published a year ago

Discover the New Realm of Transactions with RuPay Credit Cards

How to Link Your RuPay Credit Card to UPI?

  1. Open your preferred UPI app, such as Google Pay and PhonePe

  2. Tap on your profile picture on the home screen

  3. Under the "Set up payment method" or "Payment Section", tap on the "RuPay Credit Card" option

  4. Select your RuPay Credit Card issuing bank, and the app will automatically fetch your credit card details

  5. You will be asked for an OTP (One Time Password) for additional authentication

  6. Select the card you wish to link and confirm

  7. Provide the chosen RuPay Credit Card details, such as CVV and valid upto date

  8. Set the UPI PIN

  9. Your RuPay Credit Card is now added to your payment methods and ready to make UPI Credit Card purchases

What Are the Benefits of Linking Your RuPay Credit Card to UPI?

  • NFC-enabled gateways provide a streamlined single-tap payment feature

  • By scanning the merchant QR code, your preferred UPI app facilitates credit card payments

  • UPI apps ensure secure transactions for various payments like mobile recharges, bills, and more

  • It is applicable for online merchants embracing UPI payments

  • UPI transactions retain credit card rewards and promotions

  • Unique UPI incentives, rewards, and cashback can complement credit card benefits

  • The need to carry a physical credit card is eliminated

  • UPI payments offer flexibility to choose between credit and registered debit cards

What Are the Drawbacks of UPI Payments with RuPay Credit Card?

  • Using credit cards via UPI is limited to merchants accepting UPI QR code payments

  • This service is not suitable for transferring funds to e-wallets or savings accounts

  • Unlike debit cards, it lacks the capability to transfer money to others' bank accounts

Why Do Individuals Prefer to Link Their Credit Cards to UPI?

As you must be aware, a credit card operates on a deferred payment model, allowing you to make purchases today and settle the payment later without incurring additional fees. Moreover, credit cards often come with attractive offers and discounts for transactions with specific merchants. Consequently, many individuals opt to use their credit cards for both luxuries and everyday expenses. The integration of RuPay Credit Cards with UPI introduces a seamless and digitally streamlined credit card experience for customers. This innovation not only enhances the convenience of credit card usage but also expands the opportunities for its utilisation.

By linking RuPay's Credit Card to UPI, you can make credit card purchases with a single QR scan without carrying your plastic card. Furthermore, merchants stand to gain from heightened consumer spending by participating in the credit card ecosystem, facilitated through the acceptance of credit cards via QR codes.

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