Top Companies Using Angular for Web Development

Published 24 days ago

Discover how major companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and more utilize Angular for their web development needs.

Angular is a powerful and popular frontend framework developed by Google and used by some of the biggest companies in the world. This opensource platform for building web applications has gained a strong following due to its robust features and ease of use. Lets take a closer look at some of the big companies that use Angular for their web development projects.1. GooglenAs the original creator of Angular, its no surprise that Google uses this framework extensively for its own web applications. Googles various products and services, such as Google Cloud Platform, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics, are built using Angular. The companys engineering teams take advantage of Angulars capabilities to create highperforming and userfriendly web interfaces for these services.2. MicrosoftnMicrosoft is another tech giant that has embraced Angular for its web development needs. The company uses Angular for its flagship products like Office 365, Outlook, and Azure Portal. With Angular, Microsoft can deliver interactive and responsive user interfaces that meet the needs of its vast user base. The flexibility and scalability of Angular make it a perfect fit for Microsofts diverse range of web applications.3. PayPalnPayPal, one of the worlds leading online payment platforms, relies on Angular to power its web interfaces. By using Angular, PayPal can build dynamic and engaging user experiences for its millions of customers worldwide. Angulars robust features, such as twoway data binding and dependency injection, enable PayPal to create fast and efficient web applications that drive its business forward.4. AdobenAdobe, a global leader in digital media and marketing solutions, incorporates Angular into its web applications to deliver exceptional user experiences. The company uses Angular for products like Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Spark. With Angular, Adobe can build visually stunning and responsive web interfaces that showcase its innovative software offerings to customers around the world.5. WalmartnWalmart, the retail giant, leverages Angular to enhance its online shopping experience for millions of customers. The company uses Angular for its ecommerce platform,, to create dynamic and userfriendly interfaces that make shopping online more convenient and enjoyable. Angulars flexibility and performance optimizations help Walmart deliver a seamless and engaging shopping experience for its customers.6. The GuardiannThe Guardian, a renowned news organization, utilizes Angular to power its awardwinning website and mobile applications. By using Angular, The Guardian can deliver realtime news updates and multimedia content to its readers in a visually compelling and engaging manner. Angulars flexibility and extensive library of components enable The Guardian to create a personalized and interactive news experience for its audience.In conclusion, Angular is a popular frontend framework that is widely used by major companies across various industries to build robust and userfriendly web applications. Companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Adobe, Walmart, and The Guardian rely on Angular to create interactive and responsive interfaces that meet the needs of their diverse user bases. The versatility and performance optimizations offered by Angular make it a top choice for companies looking to deliver exceptional web experiences to their customers.

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